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baby R blanket

Megan’s baby number 4 blanket.

Took Vivian Hoxboro’s pattern and used it as the framework but the design was just put together in a spreadsheet and divided into quarters.

Squares are 23 st, with a CDD for the spine that is purled on the wrong side.

Originally did a 4×5 segment as each quarter and then went back and added one more row around for a 5×6 quarter or 10×12 in it’s entirety. added two colors of borders (blackberry and marlin) all the way around, and then an attached i-cord (silver sage) featuring the CDD and a YO each row to attach the stitches, giving it more of a raised look.

woven in ends as I went, but still went back and secured the tails a little better when I was done. Because it’s cotton, I trimmed a little more of the tails after the first wash and dry because they ease their way out in that process (but usually stay in better for following washes).

BeganSeptember 2, 2017
FinishedSeptember 9, 2017
EditedSeptember 11, 2017
Made forMegan's baby #4

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