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spectral sheep and wool

got gauge on size 9. knitting a 38” bust size.

began decreases after 2” instead of 3. 5 total decreases instead of 4. 7 total increases instead of 4. worked an additional inch after increases (15 1/2”). made sleeves full length, at 16” before ribbing.

could have made front bad slightly wider, in hindsight! the feather and fan does skew the fabric a touch, but maybe a more serious blocking will fix that. But I noticed when I was done that i had used the smaller needle size instead of going back to the 9s, so that may also have scrunched it in a little!

alternated skeins throughout, and the transition point in the sleeves is a little tight.

wore at Rhinebeck 2014!!!!

BeganSeptember 9, 2014
FinishedOctober 14, 2014
EditedOctober 31, 2014
Pattern URLFeather and Cloud by 467190
Made forme
Size made38", more waist increases planned

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