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pearly wren

for Lorna. get Purlescent colorway (not currently in stock to order)

8/31: cast on
9/1: knit with girls at River Maiden for a few hours, got through garter border. Knit at park with E for another 2 rows. Then knit through MI:III for a total of 5 sk2p rows. zoomzoomzoom!
9/2: knit at Guardian game day for about 4 hours, finished Tier 1, garter and started Tier 2!
9/3-9/6: bedbound and worked on when energy was available + knit night.
9/9: finished final tier with two eps of Farscape
9/10: bound off, started and restarted crochet edging.
9/11 needs blocking
9/13 blocked 🙂

BeganSeptember 2, 2012
FinishedSeptember 11, 2012
EditedSeptember 14, 2012
Pattern URLWren Shawl by 208356
Made forLorna

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