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love this! The pattern was a gift and then I did a knitalong with Megan (justrunknit) using the tag #bonnyalong and the name just stuck 🙂

CO for Large, used decreases on either side to hit size Medium before the underbust and lace panel. This gives it good negative ease on me, especially with a good cami/tank underneath!

This yarn just makes my skin glow, the whole time I was working with it, I was super happy. And now wearing it, I think it’s an ideal color. I hope to get a different tank that is closer to the lightest pink to make it float over my skin 🙂

I do want to block the straight edge of the neck one more time to get the little bit of waviness out of the edge. It should be easy enough to weave my blocking wire a little bit closer together.

BeganJune 7, 2013
FinishedJuly 31, 2013
EditedAugust 1, 2013
Pattern URLBonny by Tincanknits 399112
Made forme
Size madeL on bottom, M on top

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