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This Boneyard was originally inspired by Deb at the BSG in 2011. Recently, Amy Toadyjoe and Jasmin cuteknitter mentioned they were going to make one. A few others from the podcasters that have met up at BSG and OFFFF and friends have decided to cast on.

I dug out some stash and out together several differernt BMFAs before I picked a winning combo. The Mills Ends is from 2012’s barn sale; the Rare Gem is from 2012’s yarn crawl, and the gray is one I bought with the caritas in mind, I need to look up the name.

I want a loose fabric, so I’m using size 7 needles and the mod to put YOs instead of M1L and M1R. I may do a perforated edge like one in my favs.

I hope to count this for the KnerdGirl Knits knitalong of men knitwear designers, and the Knitabulls STR knitalong. I’ll be knitting this during Gamestorm 2013.

frogged, 9/10/2014

BeganMarch 20, 2013
FinishedSeptember 10, 2013
EditedSeptember 10, 2013
Pattern URLBoneyard Shawl by 119278

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