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Kristine’s pink socks

First try at toe-up socks, so far, I’ve just finished the short rows (wrap & turn) for the toe.  I’m still deciding if I’ll add a pattern with some lace or not.

Update, 7/9. I’m working on this sock really slowly. It’s what I carry with me when I want something to knit out out of the house, but I just haven’t been concentrating on it solely for any long periods. I’m amazed it’s growing as fast as it is because of that!

Update, 8/6. I made it through the heel after a few false starts. Then I started on heart lace for the leg, and I just had too much of a hard time with k4tog and sk4p using these little needles and yarn. So I had an awful time ripping it back and did a lifeline in case I needed to do it again! I switched to “leaves of grass” from the stitchionary, and that was much more attainable. I’m almost done now, and will do a rib at the top to help them stay up. I also increased one more each multiple (6 multiples to a round) on the last repeat of the pattern to try and be sure they’ll work over my calf nicely.

Finished the second sock on September 5th, in time to wear to my knitting group at the library. The leaves of grass pattern turned out great. The second sock took much less time than the first. I finished them with a yarn over bindoff from my knitting reference book. The colorways are slightly different between the two socks (one has more purple), but it’s not noticeable unless you look close. I love them, my favorite socks so far!

BeganMay 16, 2007
FinishedSeptember 1, 2007
EditedSeptember 15, 2007
Pattern URLUniversal Toe-Up Sock Formula by 3418
Made formyself
Size madecustom

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