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Round dishcloth for Lisa

I made two dischlothes with this pattern for my sister Lisa – one with the Playtime colorway exclusively. I did most of the knitting on this one in the airport and airplane while flying to San Francisco.

Then I made a second one by casting on Playtime and switching to Daily Ombre for the rest of the wedge. This gave a little more color interest and definition because the Daisy wasn’t as vibrant.

To finish off the knitting, I did a 3-needle bindoff on the first one. For the second I tried to be a little more tricky and grafted (kitchener) the stitches (using the technique on the bottom of this page for garter stitch), but it didn’t look super, so I took it out and did the 3-needle bindoff anyhow. It makes a noticable ridge on one side of the dishcloth, but it’s really not a bad ridge, so I’m okay with how it turned out.

I really enjoyed the concept of this dishcloth and it has me wanting to create new patterns with short-row dishclothes along these same line.

Edited to add: I added one more dishcloth to the set before giving it, but in a different pattern (Sunshine, a homemade pattern)

BeganJune 14, 2007
FinishedJune 1, 2007
EditedJuly 9, 2007
Pattern URLRound Dishcloth by 4287
Made forLisa
Size madefrom pattern

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