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mineral magrathea

Picked this yarn up from Pearl Fiber Arts on the yarn crawl because the colors were so dimensional. Pulled it out of the stash when the Knitmore Girls announced the idea of the behmalong to knit any of Martina Behm’s patterns. The yarn was a joy to work with the entire project. I’ll use the leftover with some leftover beads to make a coordinating necklace or bracelet!

Found these beads in my stash from taking a Sivia Harding class and they have a purple or gold or greeny blue hint, depending on the bead and the angle of light. Perfect! I used the super-floss method to add them to my knitted shawl. I did very sporadic and light beads at the beginning of the garter stitch portion of the shawl and increased intensity as I got to the end. Plus, I did them on the end of all right side rows as an edging, and every other stitch on the bind off.

I blocked with blocking wires and pins and it really opened things up. The pins helped give the points some oomph.

Looking forward to wearing this the holiday season and probably Christmas Day as well 🙂

BeganOctober 8, 2013
FinishedNovember 19, 2013
EditedNovember 21, 2013
Pattern URLMagrathea by 233559
Made forme
Size made2nd size, 28 repeats

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