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Sarah’s red and white striped Pot Holder

I did a mix of colors for this rather than a solid – For cast on and bind off, I held 3 strands of red.  For most of the potholder, 3 strands of white.  Towards the middle, it’s 2 white, 1 red.  And the very middle stripe is 2 red, 1 white.  This was mainly dictacted by the fact I didn’t have much red, but I wanted it to have red in it. 🙂

The biggest problem with this pattern is that 3 strands of cotton held together is tough to knit with.  It’s more straining on my wrists and I definitely have to do it continental to help with that.  But it makes such a nice finished product, I really can’t complain too much.

BeganMay 27, 2007
FinishedApril 1, 2007
EditedMay 27, 2007
Pattern URLPot Holder / Hot Pad (knit) by 4601
Made forSarah

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