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Leah’s doll

I’m using this pattern, but making her all in cream, and then adding underware and clothes.  The clothes will be out of Shine Worsted because that’s what I have leftover from the other project for this birthday (Pinwheel sweater).  I’ll be making her hair out of the Essential, I’d like to make it curly, but I may settle for small braids or pigtails.

Updated, 5/28/07: The doll is now done, but with no hair or face or clothes.  The pinwheel sweater for the doll is now almost done.  I have plans to make panties, a dress, some tights, and a scarf at least.

Updated June 14, 2007: I’ve completed a whole set of clothes, as well as hair and face.  I have not yet listed out all the colors of yarn and quantities that were used, it was a lot of small pieces.  See each photo on flickr for more details.  She’s done now!

BeganMay 25, 2007
FinishedJune 1, 2007
EditedJune 14, 2007
Pattern URLAiry Fairy by 4416
Made forLeah

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