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Library squares

The Fort Vancouver Regional library is going to have an auction of an afghan made from practice squares from people in the library knit-in group. Many of the squares are just garter stitch, so I thought I’d add a few patterns in.

I got a skein of Wool-ease and ear-marked it for this purpose.

  1. Float Stitch rib (#50 from the stitchionary)
  2. Smocking Stitch (#228 from the stitchionary)

I should be able to get at least one more square of this skein, probably two. The first square was already donated, so I don’t have a picture; I’ll bring the second tonight (8/6)

Update: October – We didn’t end up using all the squares, but I volunteered to take a variety of them and turn it into a doll blanket. I’m including the end result and some of the in-process pictures, as well as the basket that it ended up in (the Pig wasn’t made by me) One of my squares did end up in here.

BeganAugust 6, 2007
FinishedOctober 1, 2007
EditedOctober 25, 2007
Made forlibrary charity donation
Size made6" square

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