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Queue notes: See favorited by jknitma of stockinette zombies podcast, a little less negative ease looks great on her! Plus doing it in the round with just placket is nicer. Love it!

6/13: cast-on before knitting IN.
6/16: WWKIP in random places on errands.
6/20: bus/MAX knitting to PDX
6/21-22: car knitting to and from the beach
6/23-24: BSG / car knitting
6/24: end of first skein, about 8” into body.
6/25: oh dear, I made a huge mistake. so much of this knitting was done to contain my stress, and I didn’t notice a double twist.
6/26: planning on steeking to fix the twist issue. did tests with paper and swatches to be sure this will work. carrying on with the knitting.

knitting a much longer body (measure this).

7/20: remathed the pleats and decreases for a closer fitting bust.
7/30: prepped with crochet to cut the steek
8/3: knit fronts and backs; decided the vest looked so cute, sleeves weren’t going to be needed for my personal style (i like to layer)
8/4+5: knit button bands (no button holes), knit short row sleeves to edge the top with picots.
8/6: knit color picot edging. Blocked
8/7: began sewing ribbon onto backs of both button bands (29” includes extra folded over on each end).
8/8: finish sewing in ribbon
8/10+11: sew in hook + eyes (5 sets on top to start)
8/12: sew on top buttons (2 to start)

May need to still add more hook + eyes and buttons; was worried about the weight they were adding and the hook + eyes are tedious with my untrained fingers!

BeganJune 2, 2012
FinishedAugust 12, 2012
EditedAugust 14, 2012
Pattern URLLaar by 205030
Made forme
Size made39.75"

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