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the Hitofude attitude?! 🙂

Cast on with Judy’s magic cast on. Cast on all stitches to one needle, rather than the division between two crochet chains. (combined setup rows 1 and 2)

Increased the circumference of the sleeves by completing 14 repeats.

Blocked the sleeves before seaming – this gave a clearer picture of how it would look, made seaming easier, and I had hoped to avoid some of the issues others had with blocking the sweater by not having to block them again (spoiler alert, I did end up blocking again!)

Alternated skeins of yarn throughout the whole sweater. This gave a few extra ends to weave in, but the color difference was enough that it was important.

Used alternate chart for body increases (from this project). Increased all the way across rather than leaving the back straight.
chart A 3x, chart B 3x, chart C 3x, Chart D 2x, Chart E 1x.
this added desired length as well as fullness around my hips.

Loved the yarn, loved the pattern. great experience. Knitting this with a heavy laceweight worked out great as well. If I make a second, I might do long sleeves.

BeganJuly 8, 2014
FinishedSeptember 6, 2014
EditedSeptember 30, 2014
Pattern URLHitofude Cardigan by 440784
Made forme
Size madesmall, with increased width towards bottom

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