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reworking the color chart for what I have + 5 purchased Unicorn Tails. 11 colors + MC.

Yarniac’s Self Indulgent KAL because it’s so very bright and breaks into full skeins I’d been saving, which is very Don’t Hoard the Precious themed from the Sassy Pants Knitter podcast (as well as using the last of my Rhinebeck 2014 stash!)

February 3, 2016

Cast on for 41” size with size 3 needles, and after completing the ribbing after the tubular cast on, it was just too tight.

Revising my size guess:

  • going up to size 4 for tubular cast on, switching to size 5 before ribbing.
  • cast on for the 49” size for the neckline, and then adjusting the first increase sequence to get me to a stitch count between 45 and 49” sizes. made this number still divisible by 4 to match the chart.
  • need to adapt the sleeve and back/front division counts.

February 6, 2016

finished the main color work, adapted quite a bit for my charted design, including an edging that fades into the pink base color.

February 8, 2016

created a underbust band that began with 1×1 twisted ribbing, transitioned into 1×1 fair isle (continuing twisted stitch for the pink) in 3 colors, and back to the twisted ribbing. 2 1/2” from armhole to band, band is 2 3/4”

February 10, 2016

engineered increases for the empire waist, focusing more at the front stitches. continuing front increases and less back increases.

February 17, 2016

started in on the 3rd of the skeins of pink!

February 21, 2016

charted out and began the fair isle band for the bottom. diverged from the chart after maybe 10 rows and totally improvised, some based on how much of a color remained

February 26, 2016

switched to the color used for the twisted rib at the top (Trodden TML) and did stockinette rows and twisted run rows.

February 27, 2016

decided it was worth it to try the tubular bind off to match the cast-on. switched to pink and did the 4 rows of set-up (in twisted rib). it took around 2 hours to kitchener the 450 stitches – during Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

February 28, 2016

Wove in a kazillion ends and blocked!

BeganFebruary 4, 2016
FinishedFebruary 27, 2016
EditedMay 12, 2016
Pattern URLChristmas In July by 609453
Made forme
Size made45"

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