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Handspun American Oak

gauge swatch relaxed just a touch (25st/4” to 24st/4”, while pattern called for 26). I’m knitting a 38” bust (to account for that difference; I’m closer to 40) and increasing to 50” hip.

increased number of rows of twisted ribbing on the top, and then an extra bit of gray before starting the color.

did a bit of extra research on jogged stitches – can’t believe I haven’t tried this technique before!

Increased a few extra times before dividing off for the arms, for extra space on the fronts and arms (the final time, I didn’t increase on the back because I was happy with that width).

CO a few stitches under the arm even tho this size didn’t call for it.

more mods to come…

BeganAugust 8, 2015
FinishedSeptember 4, 2015
EditedNovember 4, 2015
Pattern URLPoison Oak by 410024
Made forme
Size made40"-50"

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