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The VoaZT

Stonehenge, bought pattern ; see helloknitty’s version with twisted rib. if I have enough yarn, make longer – provisional cast on? Purchased this yarn after seeing Mel of SHK use this exact colorway; I was born in MI, this yarn is from MI, and the colorway is Great Lakes! The vest is a pattern I found that said people of many sizes could wear the store sample, and this made me want to try it despite being mid-weight loss phase! (purchased yarn in January with Leslie at Knit/Purl)

got gauge on 9 instead of 8.

Included some decreases as I went up from the bust so the armpits wouldn’t gape. The ribbing pulls in well much of the rest of the sweater, but if I were doing it again, I’d do one more size down and not the decreases exactly where I chose!

provisional cast-on + twisted rib was problematic because knitting up and knitting down is not possible with the same straight lines – the bottom is a half-stitch off.

several swatches that made things closer. Jasmin Knitmore and Chris Rchrispy both made very good suggestions. Knitting up to the provision cast-on and grafting made smart sense. in practice though, it was difficult.

The top of the sweater is perfect. I love the neckline, and the tightness is fine. I would hate to rip it just because I have an extra 4” of fabric missing at the bottom.

Attempted once, twice, three times to try and attach the pieces with a decorative crochet technique. Attempted once to attach with a simple crochet technique. Next up will be a sewn attempt to make it decorative enough that it looks like a “design element”, not an error in why the stripes don’t extend to the bottom hem.

Finally decided to do a normal kitchener stitch to attach the body and bottom together. Wove in ends, waited for Lichen Tide to be done to block together (6/21)

Dubbed The Vest of a Zillion Tries. This yarn held up amazingly to all of the attempts to add length on the bottom!

Wore for the first time on 7/7, with a purple tank that reflects the neckline well.

BeganMay 2, 2013
FinishedJune 5, 2013
EditedJune 24, 2013
Pattern URLRibbed Pullover Vest by 124375
Made forme
Size made36 at bottom, decrease to 32 at top

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