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motorway roadtrip

715g (3.6 skeins) of the bigger chunks of ripped BMFA STR Heavyweight.


Cast on prior to #alumholiday road trip so it could be knit on during the drive. By the time we got going, I had the body memorized.


end of #alumholiday and I have 6.5” of the 11” I have planned on the body.


put project on hold during NaKniSweMo. Returned when that sweater was complete.


Used a small amount of the same base in the Thraven colorway leftover from some bed socks to do the turning row and facing of the turned hem on the neckline and arm holes. Gives it a smalll darker dashed edge for a really nice finish.

BeganOctober 2, 2015
FinishedDecember 23, 2015
EditedJanuary 6, 2016
Pattern URLOn the Motorway by 600612
Made formyself

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