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Daring Double by Stephanie Lotven

Cast on 2 triangles at a time.

Weekend of 2/19-2/22, started and finished striping section.

Accidentally seamed up the wrong sections of the triangles to make one LARGE triangle instead of a paralellagram.

BeganFebruary 8, 2021
FinishedFebruary 28, 2021
EditedFebruary 8, 2021
Pattern URLDaring Double by 1097839
Made formyself
Size madeone size
Yarn used
1348 yards total
  • 716knit 716sock in Amy Yip at the Waterslide Park, 352 yards
  • Queen City Yarn NoDa Sock in MVP, 764 yards
  • Queen City Yarn NoDa Sock in Rosetta, 232 yards

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