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Peppermint Pink Citron

queued April 5, 2010

Tweeted “finished the bind off on my citron, and I love it! will try and do pics tomorrow 🙂 8 tiers, around 1000 beads, in 12 days”

1/3: cast off complete! used the yarn-over cast off to allow plenty of room for the beads and to keep for a ruffly edge.
1/2: two beaded rows – one every 10 stitches, and then every other stitch with a yarn over in the place of the previous row’s bead.
completed 9 rows of the ruffle
12/31: strung beads on the other end of the skein.
12/31: worked on during the beginning of the Muppet movie
12/29: brought to a special knit night at a coffee shop.
12/28: had to redo my nails but couldn’t give up the matching w/my shawl so they were the solid version of the pink!
12/27: would the 2nd skein and moved on to the 6th tier to make it more shawl-like than shawlette.
12/24: painted nails for Christmas with pink, green, and navy! The pink is the same color as the shawl.
knit monogamously over Christmas
12/23: Cast on

This has been in my queue forever, and I even bought yarn for it forever ago. Needed something fairly simple to work on during the holidays.

May follow ToadyJoe’s example and bind off with beads… perhaps strung instead of one at a time with the hook? need to do more research.

my brainstorm post-it for names says the following:

  • my own personal brand of… peppermint? i may have listened to a little Breaking Dawn audiobook again while knitting!
  • peppermint lipgloss
  • peppermint w/a twist
  • mint mousse
  • peppermint fluff
  • kiss
  • icy mint
  • girly drink w/a twist

BeganDecember 27, 2011
FinishedJanuary 3, 2012
EditedJanuary 10, 2012
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