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Blocky bag

Possible present for Sarah, if I can make it fast enough. I’ve never felted before, but I’m willing to try for her.

Update: 11/14: Started this project so I’ll be able to bring it with my on my thanksgiving trip. I picked out colors which I think Sarah will like instead of the pattern colors. Although I haven’t done much domino knitting before, I think I’m picking it up.

Several times, I’ve picked up stitches and then kept knitting with the Green Tea Heather instead of switching colors, so I need to remind myself of that each time!

The more I knit on this, the more I loved it. The unique construction, the way the colors changed, everything. The weaving in ends was a challenge, but I set aside time between sections to work on it, so it wasn’t all at the end. And the felting went perfectly. I checked it once and it was just right, so I let it spin and took it out and dried it. LOVELY!

I ended up braiding handles, and I don’t think I attached them well enough because I was doing it at the last minute. They were pretty, using the colors in the bag, but I’d like to borrow it back from my sister-in-law and tighten them up!

BeganNovember 12, 2008
FinishedDecember 24, 2008
EditedFebruary 24, 2009
Pattern URLBucket Bag by 89143
Made forSarah

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