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Star Crossed, curiously whimsical

Constructed this handspun especially for this project, turned 6oz of multicolored roving into a gradient by separating up the colors and then spinning them roughly in order with adding pops of the other colors into the others. Not as crisp as some handspun contrast might be, but I really like the effect.

Started the handspun after the bottom ribbing instead of using it for the ribbing.

Knitting small ribbed cuffs instead of long sleeves.

Finished sleeves and then went back down during thanksgiving weekend and picked out bottom ribbing to add additional length (1 1/2+ skeins left still!).

BeganNovember 26, 2020
FinishedDecember 13, 2020
EditedDecember 18, 2020
Pattern URLStar Crossed by 996234

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