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Episode 98: Sweater Series, part two

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Episode 98: Sweater Series, part two

Welcome to the Yarnings Podcast, episode 98. Recorded Monday, November 18, 2016. It's super windy and 48° in Vancouver, WA this afternoon.

sweater series continues for NaKniSweMo with my construction thoughts. stylin' in my new haircut.

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FO: Finished Object; WIP: Work in Progress; NAP: Needle Adjacent Project, soon to be cast on; SAP: Spindle Adjacent Project, soon to be spun up; Queue: a list of what's up next; KAL: knit a long; Stash: yarn I own waiting to be used.
  • Lifestories: a little decompressing from the events of last week.
  • Yarnings: Adventures in Knitting
  • Yarnings: Spinning a Tale:
  • Yarnings: Multicraftual: snow flakes to come for our tree.
  • Yarnings: Knitting Community:
    • NaKniSweMo topic of the week:
      • why NaKniSweMo? Love to feel the joy of doing a challenge at the same time as others, and not even necessarily others who are sweater knitting, but others who are challenging themselves to do a task in a month, including NaNoWriMo.
      • week 2: sweater construction: pieces vs seamless, or partially seamless? seams add stability. seamless allows for knitting as long as I want. how does top down/bottom up consideration affect these decisions?
      • showed off the 2 seamed tops I thought of to share, Alta (NaKniSweMo 2014) and Angostura vest. Mentioned Beekeeper's Tank (said the wrong name as Laneway on the ep). mentioned Custom Fit.
      • Questions For YOU! what do you look for - pieces or seamless, top down/bottom up - when you are picking a sweater, and WHY?
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Playing: boardgamegeek:
    • game weekend at home featured Caverna, Race for the Galaxy with new expansion - Xeno Invasion, Imperial Settlers, and Viticulture. Still playing on iOS: Avengers Academy, also started Marvel TsumTsum.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Watching: started and caught up with Designated Survivor, and caught up with Conviction. ABC throwbacks - FlashForward first. finished rewatching Scandal, rewatching The West Wing. attempted Luke Cage. started rewatching Once Upon a Time. The 100 season 3 is on netflix now! Gilmore Girls revival is next week!
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Reading: Intuitive Eating (2012 version, audiobook)
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Listening: more Hamilton soundtrack :)
  • Sagas of Geekery: general geekyness: installed a wiki (mediawiki, what wikipedia uses), making business cards for a friend with a small crafty business gave me lots of joy. (visit CocoLocoPapercraft to see the banner and pick up some of her lovely cards/kits). these are geeky things I like to do!
  • Fanciful Chatter: haircut, inspiration of Gennifer Goodwin. Now Wearing: Color Affection, Chloe+Isabel geovista collection. Sephora's cream lipstain and Colourpop eyes.
  • Book of Cooking: now drinking: Spicy Pumpkin Dirty Chai from Black Rock. made carrot pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. Fried Chicken soup. Half-a-pasta. pancakes. Gardein chik-in cutlets with sweet potato gnocchi. persmimmons on my french toast. hand tacos.
  • Happiness Continues: new Fitbit Charge 2 reminds me to wycwyc. proud to vote on election day. next week will be a different thanksgiving with me home alone but attending my family's thanksgiving day, and I bet I'll have all kinds of fun to report that I did while home alone :D

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