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Episode 99: Sweater Series, part three

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Episode 99: Sweater Series, part three

Welcome to the Yarnings Podcast, episode 99. Recorded Monday, November 28, 2016. It's partly cloudy and 52° in Vancouver, WA this afternoon.

sweater series continues for NaKniSweMo with thoughts on sleeves or the lack thereof. played with multiple crafts over the holiday weekend.

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FO: Finished Object; WIP: Work in Progress; NAP: Needle Adjacent Project, soon to be cast on; SAP: Spindle Adjacent Project, soon to be spun up; Queue: a list of what's up next; KAL: knit a long; Stash: yarn I own waiting to be used.
  • Yarnings: Multicraftual:
    • snowflakes; but scissors still aren't sharp enough. also, paper was too thick.
    • pompoms for trees.
  • Yarnings: Knitting Community:
    • celebrating 100 episodes: share your yarnings memories in the thread on the ravelry group for a chance to win a fun prize.
    • NaKniSweMo topic of the week:
      • why NaKniSweMo? Love to feel the joy of doing a challenge at the same time as others, and not even necessarily others who are sweater knitting, but others who are challenging themselves to do a task in a month, including NaNoWriMo.
      • week 3: sleeves: to sleeve or not to sleeve, that is the question! in general, I'd rather elbow length than 3/4 sleeve. I'd also rather have a longer top than have sleeves. If I don't have much of a sleeve, I can layer something over it. sleeves are slow and fiddly sometimes; perhaps 2 at a time FLAT would feel less fiddly than 2 at a time in the ROUND.
      • specific examples: On a raglan: short cuff like Laneway or Stripes of March works well, as does a yoke style in ValentinesAllYear. For set in sleeves, just making a short edge is enough to make it a vest like Motorway Roadtrip or Beekeeper's Tank.
      • Questions For YOU! how important are sleeves to you? How do you prefer to knit them?
    • Sagas of Geekery: Now Playing: boardgamegeek:
      • The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire. out to Guardian for Islebound, Lotus, and Floating Market. at home, working on Legendary dividers.
    • Sagas of Geekery: Now Watching: another set of new shows with Designated Survivor and Conviction. ABC throwback: finished FlashForward. rewatching The West Wing. rewatching Once Upon a Time, started season 2. The 100 season 3. Gilmore Girls revival.... no spoilers, only love (showed my new laptop decal - in omnia paratus!).
    • Fanciful Chatter: put together fun and comfy outfits for my days out of the house last week. Tuesday needed warmth from the rain in Lady Eleanor, Thursday was a LLR Nicole dress with my latest cardi (Risen), and Friday was comfy LLR Perfect T and leggings with Rhinebeck sweater and You're Beautiful shawl.
    • Book of Cooking: corn casserole for thanksgiving, with cranberry relish dip for crackers. made butternut squash and hawaiian bread stuffing for me at home. fancy coffee for Gilmore Girls day.
    • Happiness Continues: grateful! glad for staying calm while home alone. could have reached out to friends more than I did, so that might be something to work on when this happens next - friends are good!

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