The Yarnings Podcast is a videocast that talks about fibery/crafty projects, including knitting and spinning. With stories of cooking, geekyness, girly giggles, and more. Listen as Kristine loves on her hobbies and grows in happiness!

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Episode 89: Catching up, part 1

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Episode 89: Catching Up, part 1

Welcome to the Yarnings Podcast, episode 89. Recorded Thursday, June 16, 2016. It's cloudy and 64° in Vancouver, WA this afternoon.

starting the recapping of kdlbadventure. Show and tell to follow this weekend!

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FO: Finished Object; WIP: Work in Progress; NAP: Needle Adjacent Project, soon to be cast on; SAP: Spindle Adjacent Project, soon to be spun up; Queue: a list of what's up next; KAL: knit a long; Stash: yarn I own waiting to be used.
  • Lifestories: laptop issues prevented me from bringing you guys on my journey. I was prepping for the trip and then went on the trip and then rested from the trip!
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Playing: boardgamegeek:
    • The Manhattan Project, Keyflower, Flip City before I left. I brought Splendor, Eleminis, Flip City, and Sushi Go with me to the Board Games and Knitting discussion at ZK. Legendary, Castles of Burgundy, and Race for the Galaxy when I was back. Looking forward to going to the game store soon to try and find Castles card game and the next expansion of Legendary.
    • on the phone, I'm playing Avengers Academy. I enjoyed the Civil War event they had even though I didn't get Bucky!
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Watching: new episodes of Person of Interest with E - only 2 left, I think. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. finally got Deadpool. started Fringe. with Rina, we chilled out and watched some fun things: Great British Baking Show, Pleasantville, Buffy s3 ep "Band Candy", a Person of Interest with Leslie Odom Jr, Captain America (the first one).
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Listening Hamilton soundtrack! sounds crazy, hiphop about a founding father? but it works, and the way they wove the thread of storytelling through the songs, how Alexander was always writing was relevant to me and my desire to document my life over many mediums in my life.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Reading: Rising Strong by Brene Brown as an ebook. I'm kdlb on goodreads.
  • Fanciful Chatter: bags for putting my cosmetics in - GoToBag small set, GoToBag bigger set. Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet - not as purple as my ColourPop, and a little more plum than the reds. Also lusting over Besame's lipstick, tried Red Velvet matchstick from Rina and might get 1933 Merlot.
  • Book of Cooking: not much cooking but some delightful eating occurred on my trip: my first Argo tea and macaron, Brazilian food, chicago popcorn, Pannekoeken x2, Victoria's, Hefe Rojos, and more.
  • Happiness Continues: filled up my friendship love bucket. got to see my Aunt Vickie. getting back in the natural normal rhythm after a lot of days of naps.








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