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Episode 88: trip prep in full swing

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Episode 88: trip prep in full swing

Welcome to the Yarnings Podcast, episode 88. Recorded Monday, May 16, 2016. It's cloudy and 61° in Vancouver, WA this afternoon.

counting down to my kdlbadventure trip. fun with my niece and my friend Erin.

find me as @kdlb on instagram and kristine on ravelry.

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FO: Finished Object; WIP: Work in Progress; NAP: Needle Adjacent Project, soon to be cast on; SAP: Spindle Adjacent Project, soon to be spun up; Queue: a list of what's up next; KAL: knit a long; Stash: yarn I own waiting to be used.
  • Lifestories: talked about throughout...
  • Yarnings: Adventures in Knitting
    • FO: Lady Meris - Meris by Elizabeth Doherty #elizalong in Marigoldjen.
    • unshown FO: next design in MarigoldJen and Happy Go Lucky.
    • WIP: sock blank socks in Alexandra's Craft blank I picked up on the Rose City Yarn Crawl this year.
    • new WIP: Omena thank you Johanne for the pattern :)
    • NAP: Ms. Zombie yarn for socks from Sun Valley Fiber in her high twist base
  • Yarnings: Stitch Through Time:
    • WIP: english paper piecing, prep for class
    • NAP: bought jersey fabric for tank. assessing pattern to figure out how to start cutting!
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Playing: boardgamegeek:
    • Guardian Game day: Kodama, Above and Below, and Stone Age. Imperial Settlers with it's new organizer. Jaipur on #auntkristinesknittingschool day.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Watching: Person of Interest with E. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Captain America: Civil War!!!
  • Fanciful Chatter: attempted new sandals. bought new clothes for my trip.
  • Happiness Continues: Lunch with Erin (of The Anatomy of Knitting)and her boys. and trip prep.... so excited for my adventures! just must get things done and then the celebrating of my 40th year will continue.








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