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2015 Yarnings recap

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Last year, I wrote a 2014 recap and 2015 goals. This round-up looks over how things went in all Yarnings/Kristine related areas! My goals for this coming year will probably follow in another or be talked about on an episode soon.

Yarnings: Knitting Adventures: 2015 FOs: 36 items, 21,133 yards

Yarnings: Spinning a Tale: 2015 handspun: 9 items, 3,048 yards.

  • 5 sport weight, 2 worsted, 2 fingering.
  • used 1600 yards in projects, so more than half of what was spun! also used 170 yards of previously spun Abstract Fiber in a project.
  • only began spinning again after ZK, in July; that averages 500 yards per month!
  • all spun on my Turkish Delight drop spindle.
  • for the future: I have 3 different handspun items from previous years I'd like to use, and one project where the spinning of singles is done and needs to be plied. I purchased multiple new quantities of fiber to spin up at the end of the year (5 new, 1 from the past

for purchasing new stash this year, I bought a fair amount that was knit up in new projects (8 1/2 projects used newly purchased yarns, 3 were design or sample knits, and 4 projects needed new yarn, but they were for a gift. so 20 projects used stash from before 2015!). Here's some of the notable things I want to start pairing with patterns and/or knitting up into planned patterns this year:

sweater quantities purchased in 2015 not yet used:

  • Madtosh TML in Steam Age, earmarked for Serenity by Joji Locatelli. purchased February during Joji's class at Happy Knits
  • Knit Picks Palatte in multiple colors for some sort of a fair isle cardi, to go with other colorways I own.
  • Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat mini skeins (600yds), needs to go with some other colorway to be a sweater. purchased March during the Rose City Yarn Crawl.
  • Marigoldjen's Merino Nylon in Lady Mary. wants to be a tunic. purchased in June at ZK2015.
  • acquired multiple sweater quantities from a fairy yarn mother in multiple weights and quantities (2 fingering, 2 sport, 2 worsted).
  • purchased a few small quantities from destash that could go WITH something - Berroco Softwist (600yd between brown and black colorways) and Malabrigo Worsted (600yds).
  • handspun fractal valenscummy is 700 yards, so it could go with something easily.
  • more of my cone of Peruvian alpaca laceweight.

previously purchased unknit sweater quantities

  • Holiday Yarns FlockSock in Persephone. purchased October 2014 at Rhinebeck. maybe another Hitofude?
  • Dancing Dog Dyeworks Tango Sock in Chile Verde. purchased June 2014 at ZK2014. worked up as a lighter fingering weight than I planned when swatching for a project earlier this year.
  • Berroco Vintage, 8 skeins/1600 yards between multiple colorways previously earmarked for a blanket. purchased March 2014 during the Rose City Yarn Crawl. maybe turning several of the colors into a sweater?
  • Cascade 220 in a lavender heather. purchased March 2013 on Rose City Yarn Crawl. wants to be paired with one of my handspuns or the Noro below.
  • Noro Silver Thaw leftover from Lady Eleanor. purchased 2008.

Yarnings: Knitting Community: I attended 3 events this year: Rose City Yarn Crawl in March, Zombie Knitpocalypse in June, and Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival in November. Continued to watch/listen to my favorite podcasts and added a few more to my list throughout the year.

Yarnings: Stitch Through Time: new segment this year! started English paper piecing in October with a pretty epic project, with plans for more sewing with a machine and paper piecing too.

in non-fiber recaps:

  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Playing: recorded 159 game plays on boardgamegeek. (there may be a few missing at the end of the year). Attended game days at the game store periodically, and the full Gamestorm con in March.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Watching/Now Reading: rewatched a variety of TV series between Netflix and Amazon Prime: including Lost and Stargate SG-1. watched The West Wing for the first time, and finished Revolution for the first time. finished reading the Discworld series (from 33-41). started reading comic books.
  • Book of Cooking: kitchen remodelarama (the last post of the year was Phase 8) changed a lot of things for the second half of the year!
  • Fanciful Chatter: discovered more Perfectly Posh items (you can purchase under my name), found Chloe+Isabel jewelry. set out to find a favorite lipstick. cut my hair more drastically and got glasses.
  • Happiness Continues: kept up my yoga practice all year, completed a first round of Physical Therapy over 3 1/2 months of summer. Went on an Anniversary trip for my 15th wedding anniversary, and a trip to CA for my husband's 20th high school reunion.

I'm definitely looking forward to another year of sharing my life on the Yarnings Podcast. And that's the story!

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