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Episode 45: Many KALs

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yarnings podcast: episode 45: Many KALs.

Episode 45: Many KALs

Welcome to the Yarnings Podcast, episode 45. Recorded Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Kept coming up with more KALs I want to knitalong with, and it's making me quite happy. We have two of our own KALs going too. A demo on how I tension yarn, and a look at the Cooperative Press books I own to celebrate their current contest.

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FO: Finished Object; WIP: Work in Progress; NAP: Needle Adjacent Project, soon to be cast on; KAL: knit a long.
  • Harmonize pattern is available on Ravelry. Some kits are available on the date of airing from Sheepspot. KAL will run from February 1-March 31st.
  • Happy Knits class: Veera Valimaki and Joji Locatelli are coming to town. Taking class with Joji sunday.
  • 2015 goal post up on Yarnings. MIND MAP!
  • FO: Slip Slant hat. (matching the The Legwarmers of Stripey Goodness). part of self-striping KAL for Stockinette Zombies podcast.
  • FO: Sheepspot wristers.
  • WIP: Spirited Clouds in Bumblebirch cocoon.
  • new WIP: #convokal Nuvem in Knit Picks Shadow. Conversation KAL also for #behmalong.
  • new WIP: my beeswax with Voolenvine *MAGPIE* DK, pattern gifted by Rebecca. mentioned Dark Matter Knits. part of self-indulgent KAL for yarniacs podcast and treatyoself for in a Sknit podcast.
  • NAP: socks in Socks that Rock Lightweight, rare gem or mill end. for operationsockdrawer.
  • NAP: need to pick what I'll knit for Zombie Knitpocalpyse - using yarn from marketplace + designer showcase pattern.
  • Knitting Community: Now Wearing Low Tide Cardi
  • Knitting Community: Cori (irocknits) posted about #28handknits on instagram.
  • Knitting Community: Cooperative Press books. #shareCPlove

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