The Yarnings Podcast is a videocast that talks about fibery/crafty projects, including knitting and spinning. With stories of cooking, geekyness, girly giggles, and more. Listen as Kristine loves on her hobbies and grows in happiness!

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Episode 91: Falling into Trifecta-ing

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Episode 91: Falling into Trifecta-ing

Welcome to the Yarnings Podcast, episode 91. Recorded Wednesday, June 29, 2016. It's sunny and 75° in Vancouver, WA this afternoon.

A sprained ankle makes for more time to do all 3 of my favorite crafts! finding the grateful in small things.

find me as @kdlb on instagram and kristine on ravelry.

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FO: Finished Object; WIP: Work in Progress; NAP: Needle Adjacent Project, soon to be cast on; SAP: Spindle Adjacent Project, soon to be spun up; Queue: a list of what's up next; KAL: knit a long; Stash: yarn I own waiting to be used.
  • Lifestories: fall and sprained ankle.
  • Yarnings: Adventures in Knitting
    • WIP: sock blank socks in Alexandra's Craft blank I picked up on the Rose City Yarn Crawl this year.
    • WIP: Summer Vines - inverting!
    • WIP: You're Beautiful by Melanie Berg in Sun Valley Fibers and Quarae Fibers
    • NAP: a tubey cowl with my minis from Another Crafty Girl
  • Yarnings: Spinning a Tale:
    • WIP: Rock and String Creations polwarth in Aura from Kentucky. on my akerworks spindle!
    • hibernatingWIP: kaylee - Hobbledehoy battlings in the Kaylee's Parasol colorway; two packages.
    • Tour de Fleece is coming up on July 2nd! I'm #teamsasquatch! showed one of the possible larger quantities I might do.
  • Yarnings: Stitch Through Time:
    • WIP: english paper piecing for me. using a Moda fabric that I got in charms, mini charms, and a jelly roll to make a quilt or wall hanging that incorporates the hexagons. 35 cut waiting to be basted, 73 basted hexis, 8 flowers. still need half-hexagons to complete a straight line.
    • hibernating WIP: slowly piecing a LOVEly quilt. Using Quilt in a Day.
  • Yarnings: Knitting Community:
    • New Knitalong/Craftalong! Yarnings Summer School. Take a class, in person or online like Craftsy (affiliate link) and craft along with the class if possible. Share a summary of what you learned and a picture of your crafting or knitting while learning to be eligible for a prize or two. We have a pattern sponsor and some yarn.
    • watching youtube podcasts: Creative MoJo with Johanne, DaizieKnits with Jenn, watching a few pre-hiatus eps of Fiber and Dice with Rebecca and Charles, Stockinette Zombies.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Playing: boardgamegeek:
    • Imperial Settlers when my brother in law was here. hoping to visit the game store over the holiday weekend.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Watching: finished Person of Interest with E, and watched all of season 1 of Fringe. finished Grey's Anatomy s12, the most current season. went back to finish Numb3rs, on s5.
  • Sagas of Geekery: Now Listening still the Hamilton soundtrack, and also the JJ Abrams soundtracks.
  • Fanciful Chatter: new LuLaRoe top.
  • Book of Cooking: letting myself be served is hard sometimes.
  • Happiness Continues: grateful for my trifecta of crafts, the AppleTV, and fans/AC.








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