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Episode 22 - Deep Stash Analysis

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yarnings-ep22.jpgEpisode 22 - Deep Stash Analysis.m4a

Quick recap: Yarned up a pile of projects over the holidays and during travel and got to use some older stash yarn.  Revamped bedroom to have speakers for media listening: audiobooks and podcasts.  Bought myself stocking stuffers and ohhed-and-ahhed over them. 

Also, this podcast has a bigger than normal slideshow of picsl; view them as the chapters with iTunes or a iPod that can see enhanced podcasts.

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I love lists. Here's a list of everything mentioned in this week's podcast:

Hitchhhiker: "Hitchhikers Guide to the Discworld", Austermann Step - Aloe Yarn (purchased in 2006ish?)
Spinning: BlackTrillium SW Merino to spin (purchased during 2011 pdxyarncrawl) in two colorways, Valentine and Firecracker; planning to knit into Tappen Zee cardigan from Knitty
Ripped: Forks Socks found via Puckgirl, Sweet Georgia Tough Sock yarn (2011 socksummit), probably will turn into a Baby Surprise Jacket
Citron: "Peppermint Pink Citron" with beads, Knit Picks Shimmer Lipgloss 2 skeins (2009), Beads from Shipwreck (2011 madrona)
Hitchhiker #2: "Doctors Without Who", Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks That Rock Lightweight in Knitters Without Borders (April 2008 at SPH @yarnharlot talk)
Abalone: "mitts and a hug", from handspun stash, BFL Swirl + Polwarth purchased from Unwind Yarn Company (Dana is @craftygirl83 from Just One More Row podcast), did it as an #unwindspinalong with @michelestitches
3 boys hats (a "SHOULD")
Coming soon: baby knits
Socks: Thravenously Quick - pattern is Quickie from Joy of Sox, yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Thraven (purchased OFFF 2009)

Listened to Audiobooks, starting with Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Tiffany Aching "We Free Men" YA, "Guards, Guards"
On Board Games podcast
Nerdist podcast, TV specials too
new-to-me knitting podcast: Knit 1 Geek 2
#podcasterlovefest - so touched by so many podcasts lately and wanted to recognize the people in this small way of tweets.  post archiving these tweets together

Brick Speaker from Think Geek - only slight amplification over the iPhone 4 speakers
Stereo from Craft room repurposed + craft show lights

Resolution: change point for something I want to do - pictures
Stocking stuffers from MicheleStitches' etsy store. Project Bag, Solid Ring + Stars, Hair Sticks and matching Earrings


Sausage Gravy, Homemade Biscuits (Alton Brown's recipe) in hearts, Blueberry coffee cake

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