The Yarnings Podcast is a videocast that talks about fibery/crafty projects, including knitting and spinning. With stories of cooking, geekyness, girly giggles, and more. Listen as Kristine loves on her hobbies and grows in happiness!

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Episode 18 - OFFF to the fun

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Quick Recap: Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival with my newly dubbed friends-and-food sock.  Geeky tips for Ravelry messages.  Can't help giggling.

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You can find me at @kdlb on twitter and kristine on ravelry.

  • Oregon Flock and Fiber
  • Dar Essalam, Moroccan food in Wilsonville, OR
  • Stash Enhancements - on ravelry
  • Huckleberry Knits (blog) - Silk & Silver in Echo (inspired by Gigi making a Citron in episode 159)
  • Woolgatherings
  • Button from One of a Kind (no url, but seen at Urban Fiber Arts )
  • Working on a super-secret project
  • Miss Purl stitch markers
  • starting spinning Optim from Abstract Fiber
  • f-and-f goth socks: purchased yarn at Madrona, worked on at Black Sheep, Sock Summit, and now OFFF.  f-and-f was feather and fan, now friends-and-food; they have a Rachel Row in them.
  • Deep Fall Knitty, 2011.  Tenney Park sweater, Spatterdash wrist warmers
  • Books purchased - some from Knit Picks warehouse sale + weekend
  • plying Abstract Fiber BFL/Silk + Merino Silk - see bunch of pictures on this stash page - Nine Hydrangea Cosmos sounds like a lot to drink, doesn't it?!
  • Ravelry message box wiki page
  • my library system, FVRL
  • on the kadyellebee blog, my TV recap so far
  • Mary Kay makeup from my sister - it's the Filigree palette in Stunning
  • next time: story about black velvet shoes, thoughts on Facebook and Apple announcements.

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