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Episode 13 - Cartoon Kristine

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yarnings-ep13.jpgEpisode 13 - cartoon kristine.m4a

Quick recap: skipped and tripped over march and went straight to april, my birthday month! knit and spun and worked on secretive projects. had a cartoon made that looks like me. wrote a tutorial-y blog post about how i use music in the house.

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You can find me at @kdlb on twitter and kristine on ravelry.

I love lists. Here's a list of everything mentioned in this week's podcast:


get a cartoon from Amy!
visit Not Dead Yet Studios and @amysnotdeadyet

  • kristine's ravelry project page: E's mitts, Betiko ala Madrona, Sweet Maiden socks
  • Betiko pattern site by Lee Meredith (@leethal)
  • Abstract Fiber - 75 BFL/25 Silk in Hydrangea and To the Nines
  • Portland Yarn Crawl 2011 - went to Twisted, Pine State Biscuits (i got the Chatfield), Close Knits (and Bolt the fabric store next to it), Happy Knits,  Yarn Garden, Urban Fiber Arts, and Dublin Bay
  • Spicy Mac and Cheese - regular recipe, replace the ground mustard with 1/8t cayenne pepper and 2t paprika.  replace the sharp cheddar with monteray jack cheese.
  • Roasted veges - a pile of potatoes, parsnips, carrots, tossed with 1/4c olive oil and 2T herbs de provance. 
  • Cooking podcasts? instead, on Food Network: Aarti Party and Ten Dollar Dinners, I don't necessarily need to *see*.
  • Cartoon Kristine! She's on the page to greet you.
  • kadyellebee blog post: "where's the music?"
  • watching Eureka and Dollhouse
  • getglue app and site - my check-ins also show on my facebook and blog sidebar
  • Found Glee OPI Sephora nail polish - Gleek Out and Mash Up.  Painting with less dominant hands first works for me!
  • Brachs candy: right now is Classic Jelly Beans, talked about other seasonal candies they make
  • Question for the forums: What Holiday Candy catches your eye and you have to snatch it up when you see it?
  • April is my birthday month :)

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